Six and 1/2 Weeks
Weight on December 10, 2006

Maggie        yellow girl        9.4 lbs
Izzy              green girl         8.8 lbs
Lady            red girl              8.8 lbs.
Harley          blue boy          11 lbs.
Mak              orange boy     10 lbs
King             white boy        13 lbs
Taz               green boy       12.2 lbs

Wow.... What a busy weekend.....we
had visitors, we played outside
twice.... and King and Maggie went
on a field trip to Pet food express.

We took pictures to share with you.
Lady giving kisses to Cameron
Harley and Cayden
Maggie (yellow girl)
Harley (blue boy)
Mak (orange boy)
(green girl)
Lady (red girl)
Taz (green boy)
King (white boy)