Where we are now.......
1st Birthday
Keeva was 2nd born and weighted 16 oz. She lives in Vancouver
B.C. with Ashley, this is what her owner says about her:
Keeva (aka "Izzy") now lives in Vancouver, BC with two Sheltie brothers. She is LOTS
of fun! I hope to have her doing a wide variety of sports: flyball, agility, competitive
obedience, conformation, and rallyo. She has already started training for competitive
obedience and agility, and will soon start handling classes so we can venture into the
show world together. My goal is to have her trial ready by 18 months old, which could
easily happen as she is such a fast learner and a natural at agility! She also tried out
sheep for the first time at 6 months old. This girl is doing it all!

Her temperment is stellar! I can't praise you (MaryAnn) enough. She likes to be
extremely close to her human. You're at very high risk of getting a Belgian Headbutt if
you give her so much as a pat on the head. She loves attention! She happily sleeps
when mom is at work or too busy working on the computer, but she will fetch a ball all
day if allowed. She is incredibly playful, which is a nice change as my Shelties are the
most laid back Shelties ever. Her drive is just perfect! She's incredibly drivey but not
so much that it's obnoxious and I can't control her (or call her off of an agility
obstacle). Perfect combo!

In addition to her beautiful temperment, she also has a knock-out body! I've had
breeders and herding judges comment on what a fantastic body she has, which makes
me very excited for her show career. We are regulars at the dog park and always get
asked what she is, and get told how beautiful she is.

Here she is with her brother Kai on February 25th, the day after we picked her up in
Seattle and brought her back to Vancouver

Keeva at 2 years old:

"It's hard to believe my little girl is 2 already! She is still very
much a puppy -- She's all energy, very goofy and loves to
play! However I've seen some incredible changes in the
past year. She started to focus more on "working" but still
has a blast doing it. This has made agility training incredibly
easy. Within four weeks of agility classes, we were already
entered in a fun match. She shocked us all when she zipped
through the weave poles better than some masters level
dogs! They would have been more surprised had they
known she had only learned the weave poles four days prior
to the match! We've still got some fine-tuning to do but our
agility instructor is confident she'll be appearing at the BC
Regionals in 2009! Here's hoping!

In addition to agility, we have also taken on competitive
obedience. We've been focused mostly on agility which is
why we had a bit of a late start for the competitive
obedience, but just like in agility, she is doing marvelously
and catching on quickly. We plan to trial in CKC as well as
AKC once she's ready!

I am so proud of Keeva. She has been such a wonderful dog
to train. I only wish all my training clients were so
enthusiastic about training! :)

-Ashley & Keeva"