8 and 1/2 Weeks
It's been a busy week.

Last Wednesday was our 8 week birthday. We all went to the vet
and received our first shots and examination.

Harley stayed behind at the Vet and a repair done to a hernia. With
a cone on his head and separated from his litter mates, he has
become house broken and lives in the kitchen in his crate.  He's a
little spoiled but has learned to entertain himself, go to the door
when he needs to go potty, responds to his name and when he
wants privacy and time to himself he gathers all his toys and
heads to his crate.  Shows you how easy it can be to train a smart
Saturday, Taz, now Burgundy,  went off to his new home in
Nevada. His new owners drove down to pick him up. We know he
will get lots of love and attention.

On Christmas Eve Santa delivered Mak to his new home in Oakley.
Where he will be loved and played with by a family of four with 2
little girls.

The pictures that follow were all taken this past week. Enjoy and
Happy Holidays.